Thank you for volunteering to chair a session at the GEOANZ #2 Conference. The role of the chair is an important one, as you are there to help the conference run effectively and provide a professional and supportive space for our presenters.

To assist you, and to ensure that we provide the best outcomes for speakers and delegates, it would be appreciated if you could read through the guidelines below.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Leishman’s team, either before or during the conference.

Before the session

  • Get to know your presenter(s) and their topic – Read over the biography of your presenter(s) and the abstract so that you are familiar with the topic. Prepare a short introduction for each speaker from their biographical notes included in this pack. Please refer to the most updated program at
  • Connect if possible – the Leishman team can assist in introducing you to a speaker, or alternatively one of our committee members.

Planning the session

  • Timing – Timing is critical to the success of the conference and fairness to the speakers. Please commence on time and ensure speakers keep to time. Winding up may be necessary to be fair to the following speakers and to all people to change rooms.
  • AV Support – Our AV team will visit the room before the start of the session to ensure that the presentation technology is working, and presentations are loaded.
  • Housekeeping – A laminated copy will be made available on the lectern. Please read these out at the commencement of the session, or as instructed on the notes. Please do not remove these from the lectern.
  • Timekeeping – Ensure you have an appropriate way of keeping time throughout the session. You may wish to use a watch or your mobile phone (which has been switched to silent mode) if a clock is not available in the room.

On the day – The start of the session

  • Check-in – Please check in with the staff at the conference registration desk before the session to check if there are any changes to your session. Please pick up your chair kit from the registration desk.
  • Be early – Arrive at the session at least 5 minutes prior to its scheduled start time (if possible). If there are AV issues, please look for a Leishman team member, or a Crown Conference Centre AV technician. The AV technician should be close by.

During the session

Please note that all speakers have been advised that they must load their presentation in the speaker prep room located in Conference Hall 2. If the presenter turns up to the room with a memory stick or their own PC – they will not be able to deliver their presentation. If the speaker is using his/her own laptop and has informed the conference organiser, the AV team would have been informed. Note that we will be monitoring that presentations are uploaded throughout the day to avoid any last-minute delays.


  • Open the session by welcoming everyone to the room and introduce yourself with a brief sentence or two
  • State which session you are about to introduce. If the session is sponsored, please thank the sponsor – this will be on your sheet.
  • If a speaker is sponsored, please thank the sponsor – this will be on your sheet
  • Ask people to move to the front so that any late comers can enter with minimal disruptions
  • Remind all delegates to switch all mobile phones off or to silent mode
  • Give a short introduction to the presenter(s) and explain the agreed times.

Monitor time

Monitor time and give the presenter the agreed cues with regards to their timing. Ensure the timetable is adhered to. This is VERY important! Oral presentations will be allocated 14 minutes each. At the end there will be a combined Q&A session for 16 minutes.

Live Q&A

Delegates may ask questions. There will be microphones located in the room.

  • Please adhere strictly to the program by starting and finishing on time. Monitor speakers’ allocated times and signal them with 5 and 1-minute hand signals. End the presentation after the allocated time.
  • Announce last question and be strict by refusing extra questions or comments.
  • Delegates may ask questions by walking up to the microphones in the room.

Finalise the session

  • Wind up the session with a few well-chosen words and thank the presenter(s) on behalf of the audience and the conference organisers.
  • Assist the presenters with packing up their materials and ensure the room is ready for the next chair and presenter.

Moving into a break

If you are chairing a session; which is followed by a break, i.e. morning or afternoon refreshments, or lunch. Please progress the AV – as there will be an acknowledgement slide for the sponsor of the refreshment break.

Please check the program for the relevant sponsor; and acknowledge them and thank them.


if there have been any problems with the room or its technology, please report it to the registration desk as soon as possible.