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GNA’s global audience of tens of thousands of subscribers includes civil engineers, regulators, contractors, geosynthetic installers, CQA professionals, and facility owners involved with geotechnical applications.

GNA is a digital news communications and technology platform focused on digital publishing and delivering breaking geosynthetics news relevant to environmental engineering for the geotechnical and geo-environmental community.

Be in the know with an essential look into global geosynthetic developments with our weekly GNA newsletter.

GNA reaches over 48,000 people each month and this high level of audience engagement comes from years of creating content that matters to the geosynthetic industry.

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Experience the thrill of staying ahead in the global geosynthetics industry with the GNA newsletter! As the leading source of breaking news and essential insights, GNA keeps engineers, regulators, facility owners, and stakeholders connected to the latest developments worldwide.

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Our weekly newsletter offers an essential look into global geosynthetic developments, ensuring you’re always in the know. With over 48,000 monthly readers, our engagement speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our content. Leaders and decision-makers trust GNA for the most accurate and current information in the industry.

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