AXTER is a leading international manufacturer of top quality waterproofing membranes.

COLETANCHE is a robust bituminous geomembrane that does not require a protective cover like soil or geotextile and can stay UV exposed. It is very tough and may be safely covered by large stones without damage. It has remarkable dimensional stability and unaffected by changes in temperature, and it can stretch without loss of impermeability and will not wrinkle. Best of all, the number of welding joints is reduced thanks to the 5.1 meter wide rolls.

COLETANCHE is the No.1 waterproofing solution for civil engineering and mining structures!

Fabtech Australia provides Innovative Solutions to Complex Environmental Containment Risks.

For over 30 years, Fabtech has been a leading provider of Geosynthetic Containment Services nationwide. Fabtech are specialists in the Design & Installation of Geosynthetic solutions and service the Civil, Mining, Waste Management, Municipal and Agricultural Industries nationwide.

With offices all around Australia, Fabtech is a nationally recognised brand within the Containment Industry and draws upon a network of International partnerships to deliver world class results.

At Geofabrics, we work to protect, contain and secure the physical environment using smart geotextile and geosynthetic products. For over 40 years, we have been helping our clients mitigate environmental risk through world leading research and innovative product development in infrastructure, waste & containment, defence, mining and other sectors. Our vision is to be a solution provider, to supply products that demonstrate cost savings, superior technical performance, safer operations and better environmental outcomes. We manufacture and distribute geosynthetic products throughout Australia and abroad.

Global Synthetics Pty Ltd is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape and building industries throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Global Synthetics Pty Ltd is wholly Australian owned and is well represented by our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Global Synthetics geosynthetic products incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials and are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and service.

HUESKER Australia offers the Australasian region unparalleled expertise in Geosynthetic Engineering, development, manufacturing, supply, and installation, with a rich history spanning over 162 years. We specialize in tailoring project-specific solutions for various industries, including Mining, Roads & Pavements, Environmental, and Hydraulic engineering applications. By leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge, we engineer cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. As a trusted provider, we bring together globally renowned brands like MineGrid™, Hatelit C™, Tektoseal™, and SoilTain™. These market-leading products enable us to deliver technically advanced and commercially viable outcomes consistently, ensuring our clients receive the best results. At HUESKER Australia, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the Geosynthetics industry. With our comprehensive range of services and products, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to the development of a resilient and environmentally responsible future.

HUITEX is the environmental technology business group of Huikwang Corporation, a listed company founded in 1965 with global operations. Since the 1990s, HUITEX has dedicated itself to the development and manufacturing of high-quality Geomembrane.

HUITEX’s strict QA/QC programs conform to or exceed the GRI GM13 and BPEM standard and are certified to affix the CE marking.

HUITEX has implemented a comprehensive quality management system that covers every aspect of whole operations, from the raw material we use to the finished product we deliver, HUITEX strives to exceed the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions, for civil and environmental infrastructure. Its pioneering products separate, contain, filter, drain and reinforce essential applications in a more sustainable way – making the world a better place. The company was founded in 1981, and has grown through the acquisition of GSE, TenCate Geosynthetics and Propex. It is now the largest geosynthetics company in the world, empowered by more than 2,000 talented people. Solmax is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, with subsidiaries and operations across the globe.