ATARFIL is a multinational manufacturer of high performance GEOMEMBRANES (HDPE -LLDPE-PP), specialized in SAFE CONTAINMENT solutions for:

  • WASTE (landfills, environmental protection, waste disposal, capping).
  • WATER (reservoirs, ponds, tanks, canals, water treatment).
  • MINING (heap leach pads, tailing dams, mine closures).
  • OTHERS (Road bases, railroad tracks, construction, vertical barriers).

Providing requested engineering services and world class technical support.

Atarfil is a Global Leader in the Manufacturing of Geomembranes by FLAT-DIE, with the most advanced in-house developed technology for our products, which allows us to provide the best adapted products to the demands of the applications and the needs from our Customers.

Atarfil products meet the most demanding standards worldwide, putting at your service the highest efficiency that technical state of the art allows nowadays, to get the highest performance, adding to all this our values and the way we do things, Care, Respect and Commitment.

Our goal is to preserve what is valuable and minimize the impact of human activity on our planet.

To provide all this, we have production plants in Europe, Middle East and North America and sales operation offices in Spain, UAE, USA, Mexico, Turkey, India, South Africa and Australia. We are active in five continents with clients in more than 50 countries. 25 years of experience, contributing to world progress in a sustainable way.

Since 1963, CARPI has specialised in waterproofing all types of hydraulic structures (dams, canals, tunnels, shafts, reservoirs, pumped storage schemes, etc.) and civil structures (traffic tunnels, foundations, bridges’ decks, floating covers) with flexible, impermeable geomembranes. CARPI patented systems are used for rehabilitation of all types of hydraulic structures, for new construction of embankment, RCC and hardfill dams, cofferdams, for waterproofing of joints, for underwater repair, without reducing the water level or speed. Our installations since 1970 provide worldwide experience on the longevity of our geomembranes, being still in operation today with no maintenance required. CARPI provides design, supply and installation.

We are committed to making every one of your projects 100% successful. From initial concept through to advance collaboration with your project team, Cirtex has a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide proven, cost-effective solutions to Environmental, Civil and Hydraulic engineering challenges.

AXTER is a leading international manufacturer of top quality waterproofing membranes.

COLETANCHE is a robust bituminous geomembrane that does not require a protective cover like soil or geotextile and can stay UV exposed. It is very tough and may be safely covered by large stones without damage. It has remarkable dimensional stability and unaffected by changes in temperature, and it can stretch without loss of impermeability and will not wrinkle. Best of all, the number of welding joints is reduced thanks to the 5.1 meter wide rolls.

COLETANCHE is the No.1 waterproofing solution for civil engineering and mining structures!

EARTHLOK manufactures an Australian made precast flexible concrete mat as permanent hard armour protection for waterways, embankments, dams amongst other applications.

EARTHLOK offers a massive reduction in carbon footprint to alternatives such rock beaching, reno mattress, poured concrete or alternative solutions. One truck of EARTHLOK is equivalent to 20 truckloads of rock and is up to 20 x faster to install resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. EARTHLOK is custom made to suit project applications and has a laboratory tested design life of up to 100yrs+.

Founded in 2007, Earthmate® Geosynthetics, specializes in the production, supply and installation of world class geosynthetics, such as geocomposites, geogrids, geotextiles, asphalt rehabilitation composited geotextiles and erosion control products.

Earthmate® is a leader in the geosynthetics industry for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to support the unique challenges of civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects across a variety of sectors including: road construction, water and waste management, mining, oil & gas, retaining wall, containment and agriculture.

ELIS Tech is at the forefront of innovation in geomembrane leak detection, specializing in exposed, covered, and submerged surveys. As both an equipment manufacturer and service provider, we leverage extensive R&D to automate detection processes. Our global team of expert technicians delivers unparalleled expertise worldwide.

Eskay International, is an Indian Organisation situated in Eastern Part of India. We are also present in our neighbouring country Bangladesh with a Supply and Trading Desk.

Company is engaged in multi-product dimension with base of textile. Specialised with Natural Golden Fibre Product (JUTE / BURLAP), Moving Blanket and Absorbent Cotton Wool.

Campany is Family-Owned Unit with Annual Production Capacity of 300 Mt Production Capacity of Jute goods.

Fabtech Australia provides Innovative Solutions to Complex Environmental Containment Risks.

For over 30 years, Fabtech has been a leading provider of Geosynthetic Containment Services nationwide. Fabtech are specialists in the Design & Installation of Geosynthetic solutions and service the Civil, Mining, Waste Management, Municipal and Agricultural Industries nationwide.

With offices all around Australia, Fabtech is a nationally recognised brand within the Containment Industry and draws upon a network of International partnerships to deliver world class results.

At Geofabrics, we work to protect, contain and secure the physical environment using smart geotextile and geosynthetic products. For over 40 years, we have been helping our clients mitigate environmental risk through world leading research and innovative product development in infrastructure, waste & containment, defence, mining and other sectors. Our vision is to be a solution provider, to supply products that demonstrate cost savings, superior technical performance, safer operations and better environmental outcomes. We manufacture and distribute geosynthetic products throughout Australia and abroad.

M/s Geo Source, a Gujarat, India-based ISO,CE,NTPEP & BIS Certified High Quality manufacturer of Non-Woven Needle Punch Geo Textile, Geo Composite, Geocell & various other Geo Synthetic Products.

Our products are mainly used in Civil & Environmental Engineering Projects for its multi-functional properties like Separation, Stability, Drainage, Filtration and Protection.

GNA is the preeminent online eNewsletter serving the global geosynthetics community, offering timely and critical insights for industry leaders. With a vast readership that spans civil engineers, regulators, contractors, geosynthetic installers, CQA professionals, and facility owners engaged in geotechnical applications, GNA is the go-to source for domestic and international geosynthetics news, delivered weekly. This trusted platform provides comprehensive coverage of new technologies, products, marketing trends, and executive updates, ensuring its audience stays at the forefront of industry developments. With over 48,000 monthly readers and a reputation for delivering the most reliable and current information, GNA is the ideal channel for reaching decision-makers and experts in the geosynthetics field, offering a range of tailored communication options to meet diverse needs. Stay ahead with GNA and be part of the global geosynthetics conversation.

Global Synthetics Pty Ltd is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape and building industries throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Global Synthetics Pty Ltd is wholly Australian owned and is well represented by our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Global Synthetics geosynthetic products incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials and are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and service.

HOCK Technology Co.,Ltd / HOCK Geosynthetics is a leading manufacturer of Geosynthetics and Technical textile in China, with state-of-the-art production lines and testing equipment. Deliveries are made in strict accordance with international standards.

Since 2000, HOCK Geosynthetics has specialized in the production of:

  • High Strength Woven Geotextile – 2200 kN/m
  • High Performance Poyester Geogrid – 1800 kN/m
  • Geomattress, Geobag, Geomat, Geocomposite
  • High Water Permeability Woven Polypropylene Geotextile
  • Geotextile Tube & Dewatering Tube & Protection Bag
  • Mining Mesh, Longwall Recovery Protection Mesh
  • Uniaxial & Biaxial & High Tenacity & Customized Geosynthetics

We get ISO 9001, CE mark, GAI-LAP Authorized, also geosynthetics test from TRI, BTTG, SKZ, SGI and KIWA labs etc. or, email with “

HUESKER Australia offers the Australasian region unparalleled expertise in Geosynthetic Engineering, development, manufacturing, supply, and installation, with a rich history spanning over 162 years. We specialize in tailoring project-specific solutions for various industries, including Mining, Roads & Pavements, Environmental, and Hydraulic engineering applications. By leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge, we engineer cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. As a trusted provider, we bring together globally renowned brands like MineGrid™, Hatelit C™, Tektoseal™, and SoilTain™. These market-leading products enable us to deliver technically advanced and commercially viable outcomes consistently, ensuring our clients receive the best results. At HUESKER Australia, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the Geosynthetics industry. With our comprehensive range of services and products, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to the development of a resilient and environmentally responsible future.

HUITEX is the environmental technology business group of Huikwang Corporation, a listed company founded in 1965 with global operations. Since the 1990s, HUITEX has dedicated itself to the development and manufacturing of high-quality Geomembrane.

HUITEX’s strict QA/QC programs conform to or exceed the GRI GM13 and BPEM standard and are certified to affix the CE marking.

HUITEX has implemented a comprehensive quality management system that covers every aspect of whole operations, from the raw material we use to the finished product we deliver, HUITEX strives to exceed the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and performance.

iNFORCE stands as a leading authority in the design and optimisation of Sub-Grade, Sub-Base, Asphalt & Concrete Pavements. Building on a 25-year legacy, our team of Engineers and Project Managers possess the expertise to deliver on a diverse range of ‘wear course down’ projects.

We take pride in delivering innovative solutions & technology to the industry to ensure pavement construction is executed with Cost-Effectiveness, Time Efficiency, and Project ‘Optimisation’.

Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co Ltd is one of the world’s top manufacturers that specializes in the production of different geosynthetic products. We are experts in manufacturing geotextiles, geogrids, and geomembranes for different projects. Our factory is well-equipped with advanced geosynthetic production machines. As a professional manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for geotechnical and civil engineering projects. We produce all kinds of geosynthetic products to enhance infrastructure durability, sustainability, and performance. Rest assured that our comprehensive solution can cater to different project requirements across different industries.

We manufacture geosynthetic products using premium quality raw materials. Guaranteed that each product is durable and reliable. Thus, you can assure that each product can withstand the most challenging demands of the industry. Besides, Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co Ltd also offers comprehensive support throughout our transactions. Our expert team will gladly assist you in your specific needs. Thus, you can choose the right geosynthetic product for your specific needs. Our customization options and technical expertise will surely meet all your requirements.

Whether you are engaged in environmental projects, infrastructure development, civil engineering or other fields that require geosynthetic solutions, Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co Ltd is here to support you. Contact us today and be our partner.

For over 140 years, we are a leading international provider of advanced solutions for the civil, geotechnical, and environmental construction markets. We deliver innovative, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly solutions, ranging from retaining walls to hydraulic works, and from rockfall mitigation systems to soil reinforcement.

With over a decade of expertise, Megaplast pioneers top-tier PE products. Renowned for reliability and innovation, our range includes Geomembranes, Packaging, and Industrial Films. Based in Mumbai, India, we serve a global clientele across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada, Spain, Qatar, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the UK. Our advanced manufacturing facilities in Daman, India, cover 170,000 sq. ft near Nhava Sheva port, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and 45001:2018 standards. Meticulous testing ensures consistent quality exceeding expectations. Certified by GAI-LAP, NABL, HDPE GRI GM-13, 17, and CE, we offer comprehensive solutions, solidifying our position as the preferred single-source provider.

A leader in geosynthetics for decades, Naue delivers comprehensive solutions for critical geotechnical challenges. We offer one-stop expertise, encompassing engineering, high-quality installation, and innovative landfill solutions. Our environmentally conscious portfolio, including capping and contaminated site redevelopment, safeguards the environment. Naue’s versatile and highly durable geosynthetics resist harsh chemicals, providing crucial functions like protection, filtration, separation, drainage, and reinforcement. They optimize project economics through material and time savings, while promoting sustainability through the efficient reuse of local soil.

Neptune Coatings Australia are manufacturers and installers of Cold Sprayed Fluid Applied Wetsuit Geomembranes, a sustainable, innovative, and cost effective waterproofing system. Committed to continuously delivering high quality products as solutions to an ever changing market through the development of new products, applications, and delivery systems. Suitable for areas including waterproofing, asbestos encapsulation, new roofing / roof restorations, and air vapour barriers.

Plastral is Australia’s leading and most iconic plastic supplier in the oceanic region. We operate throughout Australasia, with offices in 5 cities in the region. Our office locations are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Auckland. These offices enable the company to service our diverse range of customers quickly and efficiently, regardless of their location.

Plastral’s loyal relationships with a diverse range of world-leading suppliers has proven key to our success story. Some of these supplier relationships span more than half a century, with the core value of loyalty permeating through all our dealings; from employees to customers.

Polyfabrics is a leading innovator in geosynthetic solutions for the civil engineering, landscaping, and construction industries. Our smart use of technology, innovative technical sales team, dedication to sustainable outcomes, and flexible supply chain management ensure prompt deliveries, accommodating diverse project timelines while upholding our commitment to excellence.

Over three decades, we’ve grown into a premier supplier of geosynthetic, landscape, and drainage solutions across Australasia. By blending international brand partnerships with unparalleled and personalized service, Polyfabrics addresses both present and future needs of the civil engineering sector.

Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions, for civil and environmental infrastructure. Its pioneering products separate, contain, filter, drain and reinforce essential applications in a more sustainable way – making the world a better place. The company was founded in 1981, and has grown through the acquisition of GSE, TenCate Geosynthetics and Propex. It is now the largest geosynthetics company in the world, empowered by more than 2,000 talented people. Solmax is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, with subsidiaries and operations across the globe.

Southern Geosynthetics (SGS) is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of a range of quality geosynthetics products. Our product range includes:

  • Geotextiles – DUX woven and non-woven
  • Geogrids – DUX
  • Geocomposite Drains – DUX Drainage Cell, strip filter pipe and sheet drain.
  • Geomembranes – including DUX GCL and geocomposites and Cipatex PVC geomembrane.
  • Paving Products – DUX Asphalt Grid, Roadtape, Roadgrid, Paving Fabric. DUX Permeable Paver.
  • Paving Repair Products – Overbanding Tape, DUX Hot-melt crack sealant
  • Stormwater Products- iglube and Ellipse Stormwater Modules
  • Gabions & Mattresses
  • Erosion Control – Silt Fence, Silt Sausage, Jute Mat, Coir Logs, pins.

Owner and manager Wayne Alexander (B.E.Civil) established SGS 25 years ago and SGS remains 100% Australian-owned. SGS holds patents for iglube stormwater modules.

For more information on the activities of SGS please see our website at and also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

TabLogs software provides geotechnical and environmental consultancies with digital field data collection, reporting and geodatabase management and links this with all modelling and design packages.

TabLogs helps prevent data chaos and ensures smooth, consistent logging that turns organisations into data capturing machines! Thanks to our mobile logging apps, you can log, anywhere, anytime.

Need to bring your historical data into the modern era? Our custom import/export options and API functions have got you covered. We ensure the seamless integration of your valuable historical data with modern engineering programs.

Start your journey of streamlined and elevated site investigations with TabLogs.

Tailor Engineering is an engineering consultancy company focused on geotechnics and geosynthetics, able to face the full range of problems arising in different sectors and applications.

Our primary expertise concerns geosynthetics, it is precisely in this field that we are able to maximize our experience, applied to earthworks, foundation engineering, mining, highways and railways, erosion control, landfills and environment, brown field sites, land reclamation, stock yards, sludge lagoons and more.

Our technical consultancy includes stability analyses, typical sections, specialist element design, forensic investigations, project optimization and value engineering and on-site technical assistance.

We offer assistance with tenders and presentation of projects.

TechFab India (TFI) is the leading Geosynthetics Manufacturer from India. Established in 2003, our primary goal is to deliver world class geosynthetic products and services to owners, consultants and contractors. TFI specializes in designing and implementing cost-effective and efficient solutions for various geotechnical, transportation, hydraulic and environmental challenges.

Our manufacturing facilities equipped with fully functional in-house laboratories for quality control testing. We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification, GAI LAP approval and our products are CE and BBA certified.

Our extensive range of products includes TechGrid Polyester Geogrids, TechStrap Polymer Strips, TechGrid Polypropylene Biaxial Geogrids, TechGeo Non-Woven Geotextiles, TechCell GeoCells, High strength Woven Geotextile, TechDrain Drainage Composite, TechDrain Prefabricated Vertical Drain, Gabions, TechRhombus SWK High Tensile Rope Net System and TechSlope Slope Stabilization System.

TENEO / te-ne-o / [ V E R B ] Latin

To Contain | Hold | Retain | Keep | Restrain

Containment is in our name and it’s what we do best. ‘Teneo’, derived from Latin for containment defines our expertise and sees us as the only vertically integrated containment delivery team in Australia.

TRI Australasia is Australia’s leading NATA and GAI LAP Accredited Geosynthetic Testing laboratory covering the full range of geosynthetics.

TRI provides a unique range of geosynthetic services to engineers, regulatory bodies, material specifiers, installers and suppliers. Much more than just a testing facility, TRI offers a complete service package to our clients to assist them in taking the risk out of geosynthetic applications. With over 40 years in corporate experience in design, specification, manufacturing, installation and testing of geosynthetics, our team can provide detailed assistance in virtually every aspect of your geosynthetic project.