Fabtech Australia


A qualified Engineer Graham has held executive positions in Manufacturing, Design, Engineering, Sales & Marketing and General Management in Europe, America, and Australia. Having joined Fabtech as its Managing Director in 2007 Graham has led Fabtech through Australia’s growth in the use of geosynthetics and advanced construction techniques for increasingly complex designs and specifications. Staying at the forefront of industry developments has enabled Fabtech to become a leader in the industry. As well as managing business growth, profitability and Fabtech’s strategic direction Graham leads the technical group focused on new materials, materials testing, life assessments, and designing barrier systems and floating cover system design. The foundations of the company’s growth have remained consistent, technical leadership, customer retention, safety and quality, and delivering value.

Graham’s previous roles in design and manufacturing have been the foundation for Fabtech’s on-gong focus on geosynthetic material manufacturing quality, material test methods and specifications, quality control and quality assurance strategies. This expertise has been applied to over a range of material sourcing projects developing innovate quality strategies and quality outcomes. Team working with suppliers in their facilities across Asia, China, USA, Middle East, Europe and Australia has provided a strong perspective on industry capabilities and best practice.

Graham is the current President of the Australasian Chapter of IGS, has authored several geosynthetic technical papers and is regularly requested to speak as an industry expert.

Masterclass Description

Dams with floating covers

Geomembrane floating covers were first introduced in the 1970’s and have increasingly provided effective containment solutions through the development of materials, design solutions and an increasing range of applications. Floating covers often covering a GMB lined EBS typically provide a lower cost alternative to ridged structures with a lower environmental footprint. Many floating cover applications provide solutions to sustainability challenges including evaporation, gas harvesting for beneficial use as well as reducing liquid waste inventory, contamination of stored liquids, and odour control.

The masterclass will address:

  • Applications and benefits of floating covers
  • Design considerations
  • Material selection
  • Life expectancy
  • Construction methods
  • Servicing and maintenance